Letter to Minister for the Arts regarding to "Red Guards on Honghu Lake"

Hon Don Harwin
Minister for the Arts

Dear Minister,

We are writing to protest against the presentation of a Chinese opera, “Red Guards on Honghu Lake” in our Opera House on 4 November, 2018.

The opera represents a silent invasion by China to Australia under its Uniting Front policy with the intention to gain influences in Australia into believing that contemporary China is revolutionary and is liberating its people.

The promotions of the “Honghu” opera highlight the themes of “Fighting for freedom and for hope” and “liberation of all suffering people”.

We found these disgusting as the opera is portrayed as an art form to cover up the theme of promoting violence and glorifying the Red Army and it conveys a fake image about China nowadays.

We, in the Chinese community, think it is imperative to alert our fellow Australian of this “Uniting Front” tactic as it is being used as a soft power to confuse or dilute the alertness of the Australian community about the Chinese silent invasion, especially the art community.

We urge you to intervene by asking or directing

1)      the Opera House management to halt the ticket sale of this opera

2)      through the Opera House management, the presenter to cancel this performance

While our group is very concerned about the landing of soft power from China on our home, we commit to using our means to publicise and educate the community about the China’s Uniting Front strategy and its impact on Australia, especially in the areas of democracy, liberty, freedom and rule of law.

Please find attached a brief of the “Red Guards on Honghu Lake” that shows our comments about this opera.

 Yours truly,
Australian Values Alliance




  1. Yes. This particular opera is disgusting.

    1. Yes. This particular opera is disgusting.

  2. Why let the communist spread Maos bloody revolution to Australia after they make China ten time worse than before

  3. Hey guys are we going to have an onsite protest ? I dope there's one. I will definitely join !! Let's do it !!

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