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  1. Thank you for supporting such an important WAKE UP book The Silent Invasion. if not for that book I would be another white blind person. ‘
    Empty Vessels’ grabbing always wanting more and more. Like Hosts first offering a smile ,money under the guise of support to Australians then take over and the host dies. (Tibet being one example) . Eaten from the outside in. ahhh and the betrayers of Australia should be jailed- for taking the filthy kick back money which probably goes very high. Due to our trying to please baby natured Australians. Must of been frustrating to watch how nieve we have been. Life it seems has become like a real James Bond movie only real and deeper down the rat hole. After reading the book it shows it is and only ever was - I give to GET, the Get way surpassing the I give (slyly) . After that I own you and you and you and you and you
    Brainwashing and stealing young people’s minds and lives with psychopathic beliefs and actions combined with insatiable distorted need to control all in order to feel safe. ‘Empty Vessels’.
    My heart goes out to the Chinese-Australian who appreciates what has been shared The Australian way of life and who wants it to remain that way for their next generations . Living In Secrecy and suspicion is not much a quality and I can only hope trade improves with India.. and we start putting our money there. Not putting our money towards a country who want our demise. Doesn’t make any sense.

    1. I have bought this book on last month when I came to Australia. Worth reading. I had been studying in Australia before and I love this country, I wish that Australia can resist Beijing 's influence.

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