AVA 2016.Contents

28/09  AVA - I am proud to be your member (Chinese)

26/09  The "Red Detachment of Women" Ballet is a red and bloody propaganda (Chinese)

21/09  AVA announcement - this organisation has formally been registered as Australian Values Alliance (AVA) (Chinese)

15/09   The victory of Australian Chinese equivalent to the victory of Australian core values (Chinese)

15/09  The thought of Mao Zedong is poisoning mankind and the evils last forever (Chinese)

11/09  AVA announcement - Celebrate the victory on  opposing the glorifying Mao activities (Chinese)

10/09  Values of Australian citizens

07/09  Cleanse the Mao poison and re-establish the glory - a discussion with Mr. Ruan Jie and other friends (Chinese)

05/09  Past and future - Where will the alliance be heading toward? (Chinese)

04/09  Mass murderer Mao Zedong undeserving of any commemoration, published by The Australian

03/09  Bowen Press report on the Alliance's action to suppress the Glorifying Mao concernt (Chinese)

02/09  Starting from the failed glorifying Mao concert(Chinese)

02/09  A general discussion on freedom of speech and public /private domains (Chinese)

02/09  The meaning of facilitating the cancellation of the Mao Concert (Chinese)

01/09  Special edition : Three cheers on the victory of safeguarding Australian core values (Chinese)

01/09  AVA announcement - Mao Concert cancelled -  our first victory and keeps going (Chinese)

31/08  Special edition: Alliance's fighers continued to protest for many days outside the Sydney City Town Hall (Chinese)

31/08  Special edition: A letter from a youth of the second generation Chinese migrant family 

30/08  Special edition: Mao Concert:Hatred and Division 

29/08  Stop "boiling a frog with increasingly heated water" (Chinese)

29/08  Press release -the City of Sydney is seeking advice from Foreign Affairs

27/08  Shame of Australia, Enemy of civilisation (Chinese)

27/08  Unprecedented shame, unbelievable good deed goes unpunished (Chinese)

26/08  Don't be caught in your own trap - an open letter to those supporters of the Mao concert (Chinese)

26/08  Australia should enact laws to defend us from the infiltration of the "Red"  poison (Chinese)

25/08  The Mao concert is challenging the conscience of  overseas Chinese (Chinese)

24/08  The complete indifference of the Australian government to the migrant communities (Chinese)

22/08  Alliance special: Mao's fans, go back to China (Chinese)

22/08  An open letter to the major of Sydney, Mrs. Moore

22/08  A "Red soul" is wandering in Australia, undercurrents within the Chinese community (Chinese)

22/08  Resist the "Red"tide to avoid harm to Chinese - an open letter to the Australian Chinese (Chinese)

21/08  Let's fix the appointment, see you tonight (Chinese)

21/08: An objective assessment of Mao Zedong (Chinese)

21/08:  Lets sing our national anthem "Advance Australia Fair" 

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